About us

Aquarium Brothers Coral Propagation.

Aquarium Brothers is an aquaculture facility and maintenance company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are passionate about reefing as we have been hobbyist for many years. Our aim is to supply quality corals to the South African market. We also make Reef Feast Frozen foods for marine fish, corals, and inverts.

Coral Propagation

We realized that wild caught coral often take large amounts of strain in the move to the aquarium and as a result there is a high mortality rate among corals. At our facility we aim to ensure coral survival and then propagate the coral. This has multiple benefits; corals from us are aquarium ready and there is little to no impact on the ocean subsequently.

Corals that come from us have adjusted to aquarium conditions and are not just surviving but thriving.

Ocean Impact.

Through the aquarium hobby we have developed a deep love and respect for the ocean and want to help ensure that it thrives in the future. Through coral propagation we can ensure that fewer organisms are harvested from the ocean. We hope to see the day where all reefing hobby items are aquacultured instead of harvested, we are taking steps to achieve this goal everyday.

One of the biggest risks to ocean life is plastic, simply put there are tons and tons of plastic in the ocean with devastating affects on all ocean life. This is why all are corals are delivered to stores without using single use plastic, we deliver in containers that can be reused and don’t just get thrown away after delivery.

Reef Feast Frozen Foods

Reef Feast Frozen Foods are locally produced here in South Africa. One of the benefits of this is that Reef Feast does not have to go on a long journey to reach your local fish store, it stays frozen along the way and therefore stays fresher.

Reef feast is made with premium fresh seafood, with no preservatives added, therefore no unnecessary phosphates are added to your tank. We also take special care to remove pieces which would go uneaten in your tank, such as prawn shells, these would be left uneaten and add nutrients to your tank. Reef Feast gets an incredible feeding response from fish, coral and inverts, even finicky fish love Reef Feast. All Reef Feast foods have been tested in a laboratory as we believe it is important for you to know what you are feeding your fish.


We also do a small amount of aquarium maintenance. This a labour of love for us and is not our primary focus as such we only have a few maintenance slots available. Please get in touch to find out more.